Carpet flooring is common in facilities. Besides providing options for various colours and designs, it also enhances the overall appearance of the environment. Carpets act like air filters and trap the dirt, dust, allergens from the air. This on the other hand makes it all the more important that it should be kept clean. The belief that frequent washing damages the carpet is not true. In fact, frequent carpet cleaning helps the carpet to retain its new appearance and also refrains the dirt to pile up and form layers.

To wait until the carpet gets completely dirty and then cleaning actually does more harm than good. It makes the process more time-taking and promotes fast aging of the carpets. It can damage the fibres and the stains may remain even after cleaning.

Our professional experts ensure that with the use of high end cleaning methods, eco friendly products and standard equipment carpet cleaning tackles the deep down dirt. With regular carpet cleaning we can ensure a longer and healthier life span of the carpets.

A systematic cleaning using the state-of-the-art hot water extraction equipment, we help you to deep clean and extend the life of your carpet. Deep vacuuming and hot-water extraction ensures a speedy drying up process and leaves the carpets ready within a few hours.


Our professional cleaning experts handle all carpets, upholstery and furniture of the facilities with utmost care like how they would handle their own. It’s after all not only about providing service it is very much about giving a home like experience too.